Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce!

Get it, because “Lost in the sauce, can’t ketchup”. No? okay. Anyways! I feel like it has been forever since I have been able to discuss my life here on this blog.

The Joy of Giving Back was a huge success for everyone. We all got to give our messages to Mrs. Kendall and remember Mr. Kendall for the amazing person that he was.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.27.52 PM

My friends and I at the Joy of Giving Back! (Familiar faces, I know).

Last week was also the first every USG Talent Show. The CSEF office twisted my arm, and I decided to participate. I was thinking of putting some type of slideshow together to show the different chalkboard I have made. But that’s not interesting. I decided my only talent that was not a slideshow, was dancing. Therefore, I performed the traditional Mexican Dance.

Talent Show 2018

The skirt is actually the best part of this photo


Everyone who was there and performed for the Talent Show

This Monday, I brought in muffins to work. I completed my #MuffinsForMuffins campaign for Student Council. Even though not everyone can vote for anyone. It was still a way for me to get my face and name out there. Towson actually does not have much competition. It is actually me and another friend in my program running, therefore, the competition for us is EXTREMELY friendly.

Aside from that friends, you know me, just doing homework and sleeping when I finally get the chance to. I am very happy the semester is almost over.

Since part of my jobs is to voice upcoming events.

Student Appreciation Cookout is today at 5! There will be food and llamas (so long as it doesn’t rain).

Don’t forget to vote for Student Council! I know I said Towson’s competition isn’t tough, but other institutions need those votes! So please do so when you get the chance!

Last but not least, breathe! I know the end of the semester bring crazy big assignments and such. But it will get done. We will all make it!

Feel free to comment any of your special talents or hopes for the end of the semester! Til next time, friends!

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