Do Something You Love

We often hear this phrase in the context of the working world. We are told to “do something we love” so that work doesn’t really feel like work. I do believe that’s true, but I’m actually talking about an aspect of our lives that gets put to the back burner as we get older: our personal lives.

A friend of mine asked me, “have you thought about what you’ll do once you’re finished with school? I feel like I will have all of this free time, and you will too…what things would you do?” (recall I work full-time and am in graduate school classes in the evening). I have thought about this, and I’m happy to say that I am not waiting until graduation to do it.


Spring 2017 Championship Game

I have written about playing soccer before; about how being with my team and playing hard-fought games is 90 minutes well spent. This past year I had a five month break from soccer, November – April, and while I was excited to start up again I don’t think I remembered just how important of a role soccer plays in my life.

The reason I am advising you to do something you love (something fun) is because it gives you something to look forward to and it makes you feel great. We are all busy studying, some of us working or taking care of our families, but what about just 90 minutes spending your time doing something for you? On my way to my first game (and after it was over) I couldn’t begin to describe the feelings I felt. I felt smart, valuable, confident – everything we should all feel all the time. This is vital to our happiness and well-being as humans.

USG is a great place to experiment and identify a club or organization where you feel the same way I feel when I play soccer. You can even start your own organization at USG! Moral of this post…take time to find something you truly enjoy doing (for fun). Find a way to make time because you feeling good about yourself is you doing something you love.

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