Good Ways to Relax

Good Ways to Relax


What do you do when you work hard for too long and are in risk of being burned out? Whether because of school or work, sometimes our stress becomes too much for us to deal with and we need to recharge our batteries for another go. In one word: relax.


What does it mean “to relax” for you? Does it mean reading a good book? Sleeping? Listening to your favorite music? Exercising? Relaxing means different things for everyone. For instance, I love to relax by watching YouTube, playing video games, playing with my puppy, and checking things off of my to-do list. With finals coming up I feel that it’s important that we all take a breather and give ourselves a chance to recharge.


Taking advantage of the weather is a nice place to start relaxing. You can do many things such as go on a hike, go for a walk, go fishing, camp, bike,  jog, or even just sightsee. Some nice parks near USG include;



  • Rock Creek National ParkRock Creek'


(U.S. National Park Service)


  • Cabin John Regional ParkCabin John




  • Wheaton Regional ParkWheaton




  • Brookside Gardens  Brookside


(Brookside Gardens, M-NCPP)


Beyond parks, don’t forget that we are relatively close to Washington D.C. which offers many beautiful and wonderful museums and attractions, most of them free!! While this crazy weather may not always be nice, you can always find some way to relax. Thing about what makes you happy and be sure to make time for that after work sessions. Make these goals for you to work towards.

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