Seeking support from faculty

In my undergFacultySupport_(1)raduate studies, I was reluctant to ask for help from my professors. This led to a bit of a struggle at times when I did not understand a concept. I would ask my peers who would often be in the same predicament.

In graduate school, everything goes at a faster tempo. Papers, projects, presentations, and exams seem to be due round the clock. When one is submitted, another is due. I have realized that seeking support from faculty is an essential aspect of graduate school life. Why? The aim is to understand the material so that we can comfortably apply the knowledge to our current or future professional lives.

So far, the support from the Universities at Shady Grove has been excellent! Professors will set time for students to discuss their paper and they will provide helpful tips to successfully tackle your paper. Professors will also set time to speak to students about additional class coaching if needed.

Have a happy Monday!

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