Etiquette Dinner

Good morning everyone. Happy April! Spring has finally sprung.

Last Wednesday, the Career & Internship Services Center (CISC) hosted an Etiquette Dinner for USG students. The dinner was a 3 course meal that included lessons about proper etiquette when dining in professional settings.

This was the first time I went to the etiquette dinner. It was a great learning experience for me and the students at my table. I learned a few things about different dining styles and proper etiquette. Some of the lessons I learned were also practical, while some of them took me by surprise.

Each table had an assigned host. The host was responsible for greeting the guests, setting the pace of the meal and chatting up the guests. When sitting down, guests would sit from the right side of the chair to avoid bumping into one another.

The speaker pointed out the different utensils on the table, and the order in which we choose them. Who knew it mattered what fork you picked up first?

As we proceeded each course, my table and I talked to each other, enjoyed the meal and got to know one another. We made sure to pace ourselves with our host.

During the dinner, the speaker pointed out that when in doubt, look at what others are doing. If you do make mistakes while dining, it is best to try to hide them.

The things I’ve learned during the meal are things that I can take to the professional world. I have learned different eating styles (American and Continental) that Americans eat with.

Whenever you are invited to a professional dinner, it is also wise to give a good first impression. So focus more on what you wear and make sure to leave a good first impression. When dining, don’t stress too much about how you eat. They’re looking at how you behave overall, not over the little details.


For more information about professionalism, contact the Career & Internship Services Center (CISC).

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