I’m calling YOU to volunteer!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a relaxing spring break. Today, I wanted to highlight a local non-profit organization, Gaithersburg HELP. Just down the street from USG, this food pantry helps Gaithersburg residents with basic needs assistance, transportation assistance, and helping connect clients with other needed resources. They are an excellent organization with volunteers that are passionate about helping our neighbors in need. They have local fundraisers at various restaurants to help support the needs of the community. They also partner with Manna Food and volunteer during the warmer months at local grocery stores to solicit for food donations.


I believe it is important to volunteer in your community and help others in need. I am a full time student and work a few part time jobs, but I still make time a few times a month to volunteer. I have been a volunteer at Gaithersburg HELP for close to two years as a food distributor and Spanish translator.

I have met so many wonderful people while working there. Many clients only speak Spanish so I sometimes need to translate questions they have and connect them with various resources. I love being able to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures and learn more about my neighbors in Gaithersburg.

When I first started I was matched up with another volunteer, whom I didn’t know, to be my partner. Her name was Georgette and she was retired, who lived on her own right down the street from me actually. After getting to know her and volunteer with her over the past two years, she is one of the most wonderful people I’ve met. We talk about our families, politics, and various other things. I always look forward to going to volunteer because I get to catch up with Georgette. When I had to have surgery last fall, she offered to drive me places and bring me meals so I didn’t have to cook. She is so caring and I am grateful to have met her. This experience has encouraged me to try other volunteer opportunities that will allow me to meet other wonderful people like Georgette.

I am calling YOU to volunteer if you don’t already! If you are looking to get involved locally, consider volunteering at Gaithersburg HELP. They are always looking for more volunteers. We also have many great fundraisers here at USG by clubs on campus to benefit like the Humane Society. Get involved with a sector you are passionate about! You can make an impact! You can also start small by getting involved, contact the CSEF office about getting involved with a club on campus.

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