Mine Was Great! How Was Yours?

Nothing says back from spring break like school work and events on campus. That’s right! I finally found some time to enjoy some events.

BUT FIRST! Let me tell you about my spring break. It was like it didn’t even happen. Not only did it snow that one day (you know, because it’s actually supposed to be springtime now, a.k.a. warm weather), but I had some much homework to do, and somehow, I still have not finished! Nevertheless, it will get done.

The most exciting thing I did this break was work. This past Monday, I felt so wanted! I loved it. I was able to go to the Lunch and Leads: Led by our very own and very new Nico Washington. She was very empowering and made me feel like I could accomplish anything. She started from very humble beginnings and just keeps proving people wrong and being a successful woman in Higher Ed! She was truly an inspiration. Then, I got to sit in a different meeting with Gloria from CSEF (In case you still don’t know, OSS changed their name) and learn some new things about our campus. And then! I got to go to the Girl Talk event and learn about how media portrays women and how inaccurate that can be. I really enjoyed that running around! Then! it was time to chalk outside! and you know I have to post it here to toot my own horn! (now that it’s washed off by the rain)

Chalking #:29

Beep Beep! (me tooting my own horn) Check out the Freedom of Speech event today!

It was quite a day on Monday! However, I am very excited it is almost the end of the week!

As per usual, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed your spring break! Feel free to comment what you did!

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