Priddy Library Workshops

Computer applications are an emerging part of the workplace and educational systems.

Excel is an software that features various uses including calculation and graphing tools. This software is useful for formulas, functions and formatting. These tools are used to analyze and present data to various groups. This type of application is used in classrooms and work organizations alike.


Zotero is a citation manager that aids in creating bibliographies for research papers among other things. This is another application that is used more for students at the high school and college level.


Adobe Spark is an integrated software that is extremely user-friendly. The application allows users from any field to create and design social media posts, web pages and video clips that feature eye-catching visuals.


Infographics allows users to share data through images using simple software and improve the impact by learning about basic design principles.

Throughout the months of February and March, the Priddy Library has been hosting presentations on various applications that can be utilized on mobile and web systems. On April 10th, the library will be presenting a workshop on ArcGIS & Story Maps. These applications aid users in creating digital maps and integrate them with text, videos, photos and audio to tell a story. On April 11th, the library will be hosting a workshop on presentation. This is helpful to anyone who experiences anxiety when speaking in front of large crowds. The workshop will teach you how to create effective presentations and what tools are necessary to deliver them.


The Priddy Library workshops are held at the Universities at Shady Grove. Bring your laptop to building 3 in the col-lab area of the Priddy Library to develop your skills.

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