Spring break re-cap



Relaxation= Drinking some chai!


Right before spring break, my research group had to submit a quantitative analysis of a study. The analysis took a lot of brain power, reading group email threads, staring at the computer, twiddling thumbs and finally- paper submission! This is when my spring break officially started.

In undergrad, spring break was about doing too much. At the end of spring break, it felt that I was even more tired than before. I decided that I would re-wire myself and change the way I experienced spring break as a graduate student.

My sister asked me what activities I had lined up for the week. I told her that I want to eat good food and kick my feet up. I am happy to report that is what I exactly did. I also sneaked in a couple of hours to get ahead of spring cleaning which is very therapeutic for me. I also made sure that my essential oil diffuser was running continuously with my favorite scent- peppermint!

With spring break behind me, I am now energized to start writing a 20-page mental health policy paper. The paper initially sounded daunting, but the break has allowed me to rejuvenate. My masterpiece awaits…

I hope you enjoy the rest of your semester!

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