We All Deserve a Break


Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your spring break! It is important to relax and recharge your batteries before returning to classes.

After several weeks of classes, homework, projects and exams it’s nice to finally have a week to rest and relax. There are several ways to enjoy the spring break, to get away from anything related to class:


Travel – it is common for college students to travel somewhere out of the state. Although it might get pricey, traveling somewhere with friends, even for a few days, might be just what you need.

Hangout with friends – a lot of times, you sacrifice hanging out with friends to do homework or study. Now that you have a week off, try catching up with them. You now have time to hangout with them.


Go hiking – although this depends heavily on the weather, if the weather is nice, try going on a hike with some people. You get to enjoy the great outdoors, away from technology (for the most part), and simply forget about classwork.

Spend time on a hobby – if you have a hobby that you have to put on pause for school, you can resume it during the break. If you like to write stories, go ahead! You like drawing? Go for it! This week is for you to do what you want!

As a college student myself, in the back of my mind, I am reminded about all the homework and projects I need to work on. Having a break doesn’t mean I forget all that – it just means I put it aside temporarily. If you can’t hold off doing your homework, try to minimize your work. Maybe spend an hour a day doing homework – that way, you feel that you’ve completed something, but still enjoy the break.

Fortunately, if you need to go to USG for anything, the campus is open during the break!

Enjoy the rest of the break!

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