Did someone say photography?

This semester I am taking Advanced Digital Imaging 398J, which is a photography course. This is in conjunction with Digital Imaging, which I took last semester. In this class we shoot in a Raw setting and edit in Camera RAW in Photoshop CC. After each project, we “jury” everyones collection of photos that best fits the theme. We give each set of photos a score from 1-10, 1 being not good and 10 being amazing. Jurying is fun and I love to see everyone else’s projects. I love seeing how talented and creative other people are!

This past week we were tasked with doing shadows and silhouettes in black and white. And this week, I actually won the jury! When your photos to win, you earn automatic ‘A’ on the project. Our Professor also prints out your best photo(s) as a keepsake, how nice?! Below are my two photos that I got to take home.


Photography is definitely not a natural born talent of mine. Though, I have found that the more I practice, and more time I spend on a project, the better my results are. I have discovered that I am most inspired when I go out somewhere new and take photos. The two photos above were taken at the National Portrait Museum in Washington, DC. This museum is only a block away from the Chinatown Metro stop, making it easily accessible and free. If you yourself are interested in photography or need to take photos for a class, I recommend trekking down to DC.

Some other cool spots for photography or just sight seeing!

I have recently created an online portfolio of my own personal work, and one page I have dedicated to photography. Since being in the Communication program here at USG, I have developed a liking of photography and developing different skills.

Have a great weekend!

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