Secret to adding 1-2 hours in your day!

CaptureWhat if I told you that you could potentially find more hours in your day- not by waking up early or by sleeping late, but by using social media wisely? Sounds intriguing right?

I am not a social media junkie; I don’t even have Facebook. I do however have Pinterest that satisfies my love for crafts, décor and farmhouse homes. I read online that the average time a person spends on social media per day is roughly two hours. As a graduate student, those two hours can translate into doing a test, reading a paper, researching or writing a paper, etc. In short, two hours = precious time!

Here are some tips that may help you get back on track with social media in graduate school:

  1. Track how much time you spend on social media

Yes, there is an app for that! You may not think that logging onto social media eight times a day is a lot, but if you multiply that by the length of time you spend scrolling around, you will be surprised!

  1. Setting a limit on how much time you have

Yes, another app for that! You can set a limit as to how long you want to access social media.  Some apps will send you annoying messages that tell you when you go over your time. The key is to stick to the allotted time- DO NOT EXTEND IT!

  1. Taking a break

During the last month of each semester, I typically un-install my Pinterest app or deactivate my account temporarily. This gives me more time to focus on my finals without any distractions.

Happy Monday!

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