International Night: Celebrating YOU at USG on 3/8

Everyone is connected to an ethnic culture or heritage or family tradition in one way or another. In our current political climate, it has become somewhat challenging for some to freely show their roots, and do so proudly.

I, for one, have always been excited about my ethnic diversity. My mother is from Ecuador and my father is from Iran. I have been lucky enough to connect with both cultures through music, cuisine, holidays, and language. There are a lot of unspoken norms in each community, which has been interesting for me to observe and be a part of. I would go as far as to say that my exposure to cultural diversity has given me the interpersonal skills and emotional IQ that I use on a daily basis.

USG is taking a proactive step to celebrate our diversity as a community. Whether we appreciate it or not, our hometowns are full of people with different beliefs, traditions, customs – all of the above. This is the direction our world is moving toward – an ever increasing community of diverse people!

Join your classmates, friends, and family for a night of celebration! You will be able to taste international food, watch live entertainment, win prizes, and also maybe learn a few dance moves along the way!

What? International Night at USG

Where? Building II, Multipurpose room (USG)

When? Thursday, March 8 from 6pm-9pm

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