A Journey of a Thousand Study Sessions

If you are a student at the Universities at Shady Grove, then chances are that you are an Undergraduate student. After all, the majority of the students at USG are undergraduates with plans to move up in the world afterwards. However, how many of you know that USG offers graduate programs right here on campus? I didn’t when I first arrived to USG, but trust me it’s true!

As a Student Ambassador at USG, I have learned a lot about the school, including what kind of programs are offered here. While many of us are content with focusing on completing their present degree, it is important to plan out the future before it catches up to us. Professional school is on the horizon for many of us. Law school, medical school, physician assistant school, business school, or even physical therapy school. There exists many options out there for all. However, in life things happen. So while some of us may want to go to professional school, it may be worth our while to pause and take a look at our options.

I’m writing primarily about STEM pathways, but these basic principles apply to everyone.

Talking about my case specifically, med school is on my radar. While I would love to go to medical school immediately after completing my B.S., it pays to be prepared. Witnessing the trials and tribulations of my fellow scribes, I’ve seen two stark examples of life at play. One of my fellow scribes decided to start on his Master’s immediately after completing his B.S.,the reason? He wanted to prepare for medical school and increase his chances of getting in. Another friend took a gap year, and then another, and then other. Having applied and been declined, my friend has taken 3 gap years, and has only job experience to show for it. No degree.

Learning from their experiences, I believe it is best to have back-up plans in case things do not go smoothly. If professional school is something you want to do, then simultaneously apply to a master’s program in that field in case you don’t get it. This way, you can continue your education and not break your stride. You’ll prepare yourself for the future and learn something doing it.

I implore you to research and learn more about what kind of pathways exists out there. You’ll learn a lot by simplifying talking to others, by attending events and fairs, and by asking your professors career questions. USG is the perfect place to find out where you want to go and what you want to do with your time. Thanks for reading and remember that the SAS suite offers everything you’ll need to plan, achieve, and succeed.

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