Candid read: The truth about spring semester


I like to think that I have a researcher’s brain. I love to investigate, search for facts, statistics and stories to quench my curiosity. This week when I started to feel worn down by the semester, I naturally began to ask myself, “mmmhhh…I wonder if there is a poll online that tells me which semester is more stressful”. Before I completed my thought, I found myself typing on my browser and quickly hit enter. My google search was as follows: spring semester vs. fall semester stress. I was sure that I would find something to prove that I was not going crazy and that indeed spring semester is more difficult than fall semester.

After 30 minutes of going in circles, I was shocked that I was unable to find any substantial data. Alas! Google- you failed me! In protest, I decided to look deeper into my soul to figure out why this semester feels more difficult. I figured, perhaps I could come up with a compelling hypothesis. Something that you- my beloved reader would read and say- GENIUS! I started thinking- perhaps it is the unpredictable weather, spring break, pollen season (yes! I said it). Honestly, I could not find anything.

It brings me down to this; perhaps it is just a mindset. Spring semester has always been seen by many as a historically difficult semester. What if as students we condition ourselves to believe that it is difficult, so we make it difficult? What if we then fail to try our best?

The mind is very powerful. Since we still have time, let us all try to will ourselves to a successful semester! Let us start by changing our mindset. Say it with me: Spring semester ROCKS!

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