Raise your Words not Your Voice


Starting another semester as a full-time student can bring a lot of stressful situations. With each new class comes a list of rules and regulations that determine your success in the class. It’s easy for a student’s mind to start racing with all the new obligations and responsibilities. Every semester we take on the daunting task of learning something new. We can all agree that every student knows a certain amount about each class such as content or the teaching style of a professor. At the end of the day, our minds need to become prepared for the strenuous and time-consuming challenges that lie ahead.

Fortunately, the Universities at Shady Grove offer a Center for Counseling and Consultation that helps you prepare for the semester. The workshops focus on the following areas:

  1. Easing your Mind

Your mind can be cluttered with worries and problems that everyone experiences in life. These problems stem from family-issues, financial difficulties and questions about your future. These situations can distract you from trying your best in your studies. There are counselors that are trained to help you mentally deal with these difficulties.

2. Loving Your Self

Negative thoughts can stop you from thinking the best of your self and your abilities. Some of us can be too rough on ourselves in terms of our mistakes and start to believe that we are not worth much. It’s important to silence your mind in order to feel emotions other than those that your mind is telling you.

3. Minding your Mood

Your mood can make someones day or damage someones outlook on their day, including your own. It’s important to be aware of your words and actions when it comes to interpersonal relationships between your fellow students and professors. If you have any bad habits when it comes to affecting other peoples moods, learn to let go of them.

4. Working Your Plan

It’s important to plan for your future without worrying about your future. There is a difference. A clear cut purpose and long-term goals come from developing these mindfulness skills and result in successful living.

If you feel like any of these areas could be stronger, stop by Room III-3219 in the Priddy Library at Shady Grove.

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