Happy New Year, friends! I hope it is not too late to still be saying that. Granted that this is my first blog post for the year, it is ok for me to be sending new year’s greeting now, right? Regardless, I have missed writing for you about my experiences around the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus and I could not be happier for the start of another semester of school where I will get to share more of these wonderful experiences with you. stock-vector-happy-new-year-gold-glitter-golden-background-for-flyer-poster-sign-banner-web-header-350495285

The last year was an exciting journey and I am happy that I was able to share it with you. Looking back at the blog posts from the USG Student Bloggers and hearing the feedback from students on the campus, it is great to know that we were able to do our parts in keeping prospective and current students of the 9 universities, in the know on what happening at USG. A new year is upon us, filled with many unknowns. Isn’t that exciting?

As we welcome new students to the campus, I could not help but remember my first day on campus. To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I saw so many students and was so confused that they were all from different colleges. Why were there students from 9 different colleges here? How was this a good thing to have us all in one location?

New year, new students, new USG campaign!

2018 new and returning students have no fear! The answer to those questions which I had and you probably also had will all be answered by the new USG campaign. The campaign named “Power of 9” celebrating the amazing power of having 9 University System of Maryland universities all in one location was launched.

Power of 9

The USG team was busy over the winter break working on this campaign and I must say as someone with a background in marketing and advertising, the new campaign is genius. I absolutely love the name “Power of 9”, it is definitely powerful! All of the content and information shared for this campaign so far has been appealing and truly resonates with the reader. As a student what I like most about the campaign is that it not only caters to people outside of USG, i.e, to increase awareness, it also caters to current students at USG by providing them with a sense of pride and joy. Check out one example below that I saw.

I’m excited to follow along with this campaign and to see what else USG has in store for us in 2018. I urge you to learn more about the “Power of 9” by checking out the link here or visiting the USG Facebook page here. Be sure to share your feedback on the campaign and do have a POWERFUL semester.

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