Compliment Away!

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had an enjoyable and relaxing break. The last post I ended with was a light blog on National Cocoa Day. So for the beginning of the spring semester, I’ve decided to open on another light topic. More specifically another national holiday. January 24th marks National Compliment Day. A day dedicated to compliments? Yes. Believe it!

National Compliment Day

Compliments can go a long way. They hold a powerful effect simply because it is out of pure kindness. They can be as simple as complimenting someone on a physical feature or as deep as complimenting their soul. Compliments can be to complete strangers or to people you’ve known for years. There’s no limit to who, where, when, and why you do it. The only rule to this, is to first and foremost be sincere. Sincerity goes much further than a fake, half ended compliment.

We’re in a New Year and I know we’ve all heard the saying “New Year, new me”. Before you start to or continue to work on your personal or academic goals, I hope you’re able to add this to your list of “change” for 2018. Maybe by reading this post, it being a new year, or in celebration of the holiday you are able to give at least one person a compliment.

I know I plan to give someone a compliment today. Maybe even a handful of people! Seriously, it won’t hurt. I’d love to hear what compliments you give or even any that you receive so please share.

As always, thank you for reading and ‘til next time!

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