Wondering When You Will Be Trying That Breathing Thing Again?

Strange title, I know. My friend Jessica has seen me in my most stressful moments this semester. So she told me “Just breathe, you can do it.” I responded “Is that a thing I should be doing regularly? Because I’m not sure if I am anymore!” We laughed and proceeded to throw myself into my final assignments for school. THANKFULLY, we all made it through Fall 2017! My first semester at USG has been amazing! Needless to say, I am BEYOND ready for winter break! And I think this time that we have during break, it is important to just help yourself and others before next semester.

Here is a list of some things I’m trying to do during winter break, and some that we should all try:

-establishing a healthy sleep pattern (at least for a bit)

-trying to eat better (my diet consisted of fries this semester)

-coloring (its proven to relieve stress)


-giving to those in need

-smiling more

-spend time with loved ones

-find ways to get involved on campus

-start thinking about goals for next year

-make sure you have school supplies for next semester (books, notebooks, pencils, etc.)

-send thank you cards to the people who have made the biggest impact in your life

-catch up on your favorite tv shows

And last but not least, breathe. Because the journey is just getting started!Enjoy your break everyone! And thank you for taking the time to read my posts this semester!


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