A review of the semester

As final exams are fast approaching, I want to wish all of you the best of luck! Who would have guessed that the semester would fly by so quickly?

As we get ready for winter break and the holidays, I wanted to have a look back on some of the events we’ve had at USG this past semester:

Welcome Week

To welcome students back to school, there was Welcome Week. Students coming to classes in the morning were greeted by some of the faculty at USG, and were given free notebooks. There were dogs that came in one day, and video games another. It was a successful week to get the students ready for the semester ahead.

USG Fest

One of USG’s more signature events, the USG Fest was open to all the students on campus. In the quad, there was a dunk tank hosted by the Student Council, free food, games and music. Students got to show off their school spirit by entering the Spirit Contest. It was a day for students to represent their home institutions and have fun doing so.

Leadership Bistro

The Leadership Bistro was for leaders of student clubs and organizations on campus. The goal was for the leaders to interact with each other, get to know one another and figure out ways to collaborate in future events.

Hunger Banquet


This event was held at USG by the Student Council. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of hunger inequalities around the world. Participants took part in meals that were based off various socioeconomic classes.

Destress Lounge

This week long event served one purpose – to relax before finals. The lounge had events occurring each day, including Pause for Paws, Video Games and Pizza, and DIY Candles. These events were designed to help students take a break from studying, to enjoy a stress-free environment!


As this is the last blog I post before the holidays, I wanted to wish you all happy holidays! Enjoy the break!

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