Simulation & Game Design at the University of Baltimore


University of Baltimore at Shady Grove offers an exciting opportunity to study for a career in game design. The program focuses around the concepts and the designing skills that create the video games that we all love. The major offered at the Universities at Shady Grove instructs students on the necessary computer programming abilities to be a desirable candidate for gaming companies such as Bethesda Softworks LLC located in Rockville, MD. A students’ true creative capabilities can be demonstrated in the 3-D modeling and animation and implemented with usability design.


The Animation Career Review website is an online resource for students who are interested and aspiring to begin a career in animation and game development. The University of Baltimore is ranked number 17 on Animation Career Reviews list on the top 25 public game design schools and colleges. The nomination is based on professionals who dedicate themselves to finding out which schools offer the best hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge that is necessary to land a stimulating and gratifying career in the field.


The program gives the students the opportunity to choose what specific skills you would like to enhance in order to land the job you are interested in. The first choice focuses on building 3-D animations and modeling them for a focus in technical art. Students who choose this track must be visually artistic. The second choice revolves around the desire to design levels from scripts and logic. Level designers create interactive architecture for game segments. The skills that a student acquires in this class will not only prepare you for a career in simulation and game design but it will make you an admirable applicant for graduate school. The options that are available for graduate study include information technology, computer science and visual design.

Overall, the program is an incredible experience for students to work closely with gaming professionals in order to graduate with an impressive portfolio.

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