It’s the Holiday season!

To be honest, I’m not sure if I can get excited about the holidays or winter break until finals are over. BUT nevertheless, today I tried to be as cheerful as possible.

Today was the Holiday Bazaar at USG! There was plenty of student organization selling cute little gifts to students, a station to make holiday cards, and best of all FREE HOT COCOA! Destress lounge has literally come at the best time of the year! There was also an ugly sweater contest.

Now, I went to Target Tuesday afternoon to find a sweater, and they were a bit pricey, so I found an elf pj set to wear that was basically half price. I attached little ornaments to my pj top and called it my ugly outfit for the day. I was in the library, doing some work and I could feel the judgement or laughter I was causing. However, my good friend and coworker Jessica (she works in the OSS office with me) unofficially entered me in the sweater contest. Therefore, I attended the judging round and gave my speech to other managers and coworkers as to why my sweater is ugly and spirited. And for the first time, in what seems like ever, I won!

A coworker (Emily C.) and I looking cute in our outfits! Jessica and I at the BazaarThis is me in class, trying to be as normal as possible.

To be completely honest, I guess winning the ugly sweater contest can go both ways. It could be an offense or a compliment! Given where I am at in the semester, emotionally, today was a day to accept any and all comments I received!

On that note, thank you for reading and good luck on finals, everyone!

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2 Responses to It’s the Holiday season!

  1. Love the sweater. I think it is cute and not ugly 🙂

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