How To Give The Best Presentation Ever

Finals are coming…and you know what that means. Final projects and presentations. Giving a presentation to a whole class can be nerve-wracking, I totally understand. I am a Communication student and fall subject to giving at least five presentations per semester. I am no expert, but these tips are what I have learned over the years. Here are my tips to elevating and delivering a great final presentation.

  1. Get creative. – Easier said than done. We have all seen every layout and format there is for a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. To make your slideshow extra stylish and impress your professor, use a site like Slides Carnival. This website allows you to download themes to amplify your slideshow with cool graphics and colors. Way better than the boring, pre-loaded ones.
  2. Talk louder. – Often times, people talk so quietly during presentations that it is hard to understand what they are saying (I have definitely fallen victim to this). So talk much louder than you think you need to! It will project power and confidence.
  3. Look presentable. – You would think this would be a no brainer, but dressing the part is important. Analyze the audience and professor you are giving the presentation to. Do they care if I am dressed business casual or business formal? Figure this out before the day of your presentation. Dressing in nicer clothes can give you more confidence and can reflect your message as if you really do know what you are talking about.
  4. Slow down. – Often we feel like we need to speed through presentations so they are finished sooner. Taking a few pauses to breathe and collect yourself is a good strategy. You may accidentally skip parts if you rush through it.
  5. Use visual aids. – When you do create your PowerPoint, there should not be paragraphs of text on each slide! Instead, use pictures or a short video. Instead of placing text in the slideshow, incorporate it into your verbal speech. No one will listen to what you are saying if they are trying to read your slides the whole time!
  6. Get moving. – Don’t stand behind the podium the whole time. Although we all tend to do this, it’s great when presenters move throughout the classroom and change the focal attention of the audience. Practice this!

I hope these tips were helpful for everyone preparing to deliver their speeches at the closing of this semester. Don’t stress, you got this!


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