Scholarship & Donor Recognition

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On November 17th 2017, the Universities at Shady Grove celebrated the Eighth Annual Scholarships & Donor Recognition Luncheon.  The event was dedicated to honoring the scholarship recipients and donors. There was over $900,000 donated to the students at shady grove. Out of over 700 applicants, 350 scholarship recipients were chosen. Being a Kendall Scholarship recipient is an honor and a blessing. The event revolved around the donors and coordinators expressing their deepest thanks for the hard work and determination that they saw in the students. They truly believe that the students at the universities at shady grove are the future of this country. It was an incredibly humbling experience seeing the student body express their thanks and appreciation.

Every student has a story to tell. I’ve met students whose parents have been working their entire lives to give their kids an opportunity at a better life. Waitresses and grocery store cashiers who have children that will grow up to be nurses and accountants. Whether we realize it or not, every student has moments that test who they really are. Students lose loved ones and face financial hardships that might cause them to give up. We have all been there but the adversity that we face mold who we become in the future. There is no growth without pressure. As our guest speaker Shanice Morris mentioned, we grow through what you go through.

The scholarship donors are aware of the challenges that life throws at students and aim to change lives. They believe that they empower the future of this country by empowering us. A central theme at the luncheon was how inspired the donors and coordinators of the event are when they see the variety of students that attend the Universities at Shady Grove who want to succeed. Through their generosity they build careers and create opportunities for thousands of families. The success that the we experience is not only owed to ourselves, but to the community they will impact in the future.

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