Spread the Love Today!

On November 15, National Philanthropy Day is observed as a holiday. It’s a day to recognize giving for a greater cause. Some may even say it’s spreading the love throughout the world. I personally feel like USG is a perfect example of a philanthropically recognized school. From the events we host to the way our school is designed, it is a point to make significant contributions in our community.

There are various signs all over that show that we are a school that is dedicated to giving. Just this week we had an Hunger Banquet which was meant to help spread awareness on poverty and hunger. Also, tomorrow November 16 is the last day to donate canned goods for Manna Food Center so be sure to give what you can!

Another reason I feel we qualify is because of the various designs on campus. We have a Green Garage which has LED lights with motion sensors and photo voltaic panels that generate renewable energy. During construction, a lot of the waste was recycled or reused in the garage. It’s even Parksmart Certified!

USG makes it a point that the community is growing and as it continues to grow, we should make sure that we are giving back to our environment in order to ensure that it is helping and not hindering it. Shady Grove has even taken initiative to sign the White House’s pledge in support for climate change.  For more information on the sustainability of the campus visit here.

I found it super interesting that today is National Philanthropy Day and it made me look at my own actions to make sure that I am taking initiative in my life to make a change and give back to others in the community. So, I ask you all, how are you giving back?

Thanks for reading! Like I always say: ‘til next time! 🙂

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