Get Help Managing Relationships – FOR FREE & FOR ALL!

In all aspects of our lives we find ourselves inevitably interacting with others. In the workforce or at school we must sometimes have difficult conversations with our colleagues/peers or supervisors/professors. At home, we might struggle to strike a balance between spending time with our parents and/or our siblings. In our personal lives, carving out time for friends might be nearly impossible.

Whether you like building relationships or not, it is essential to improve communication skills with your peers, colleagues, and even friends and family (two groups we might take for granted in terms of using skills to manage conflict or improve communication).

What is a healthy relationship? I see a healthy relationship as one where people can exist harmoniously despite any conflicting views or ideas. In my eyes, empathy is present in a healthy relationship. Strong understanding combined with strong communication leads to stronger relationships.

USG’s Center for Counseling and Consultation is offering a Psychological Wellness Workshop that tackles this topic. The workshop is free and open to all – students, faculty, staff, community, and prospective students. The purpose of a workshop is to introduce you to a new concept, help create a sense of community among participants, and also teach you something realistic you can practice in your life.

Where: Building 3, Room 2220

Time: Tuesday, Nov 14 2017 – 12pm-1:30pm

Click the link in the paragraph above for more information!


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