Big things are coming!

Get excited because big things are coming! The Universities at Shady Grove is going to be launching an app, USG Mobile, very soon! Smartphone apps infographics

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the app before its release. I was able to test the app and play around with the features. The first awesome perk I learned was that this app is available for both iPhone and Android users. It will be compatible for smartphones and also tablets. This is great, especially so everyone can experience the app.

The home page consists of shortcuts to take you to various places in regards to hours of operation of places on campus, dining information on the Green Grove Cafe, and campus maps. Another thing that caught my eye was that the app features the menu of the week at the Green Grove Cafe. The Cafe posts weekly menus of what they are cooking, featuring gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan options. I found it super convenient that the app has the weekly menu on it. This will save me a trip downstairs to look at the menu. It’s nice to also plan out when I should bring lunch or grab lunch from the Cafe. Also saves paper too!

I also liked how the app had the capability for students to schedule meetings with the Career and Internship Center and the Center for Academic Success. Two centers that offer free services to students, like resume review and career coaching. The app is nice because it allows you to directly go to the calendar to schedule an appointment. This is convenient for me allowing me to spend less time looking for where to schedule on the website.

The app also has a really cool 3D map/model of campus, which includes what the new building is going to look like. It is really neat to see how campus will look differently! A view I had never seen before. Near the map section, also lists the calendar of events happening here on campus. I will definitely be using this feature because I love attending events at USG, but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of when they are happening just by the posters in the hallways. So it’s nice that all of the events are in one place and lists them day by day.

Being a Communication student, I have learned that apps are a vital tool to communicate information. I think this first version of the USG app is a good starting point, and over time will incorporate more of what is happening at USG as we grow as a campus. I believe this app will be useful for students to have to look up quick information about campus events or hours of operation of the bookstore! It will also be useful for me, as a Student Ambassador, to quickly look up information to tell potential students on tours of campus.

Be on the lookout for the app dropping very soon!

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