My Footsteps as a Kendall Scholar

I have gone to MCPS my entire life, from elementary school to high school. In my classes now, I realize how I may have been classified as a child “at-risk” of failing. Many of the socioeconomic indicators were present in my childhood. I assume some of my teachers did not believe I could make it. Then high school happened, I got to take advantage of all the opportunities offered at my high school (Gaithersburg High School.) I knew my family has a tough financial situation, but I wanted to go to college. So I applied and did all my requirements to begin classes fall of 2015 at Montgomery College on the Rockville campus, knowing it was the more financially appropriate choice. I talked to the professors in School of Education and was able to be apart of the first ever CREATE (Culturally Responsive Educators Aspiring for Teaching Excellence) Cohort. This rigorous program had me taking 6 classes my first semester. Not only was that going to be a ton of coursework, but it was going to be very time consuming, therefore, making it impossible to work a part-time job. A scholarship was the only outlet I could look forward to.

I began applying for the Montgomery College Foundation Scholarships. Thankfully, I received a letter from MC stating I was chosen to be interviewed for a scholarship. I thought it was strange, but of course, I went. I raced from my summer job to MC Rockville and was interviewed by the scholarship coordinator there and Gloria from OSS at USG (who is now my best friend.) I did not fully understand the scholarship until Gloria explained this scholarship. Along with Towson information, she explained this was a full-tuition scholarship at MC for two years and at USG for two years. Shortly after, the interview started and I was telling them about my goal to become Secretary of Education for the United States, and how I want to graduate debt free that way I can make my own scholarship fund for students, things like that. A couple days later while I was at work, I received a call saying I won the scholarship. I called my mom and told her that she did not have to worry so much anymore. Then, I went back to work with the biggest smile on my face.

It is thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kendall that I will be the first ever to graduate with a Bachelors in my entire family. They are such an inspiration and really care to help students achieve their dreams.


This is a picture of the Kendall’s and I last year at the MC Foundation Scholarship Luncheon.

This is true of all scholarship donors.  They give many students the chance at something that may have never been a thought, to begin with. To them, we thank you, and will definitely do so at Scholarship Luncheon, Friday the 17th. If you have not yet applied for the USG Scholarships for spring, do so. There are people out there who have set aside time and money to help you continue your education. The deadline is the 30th meaning there is still plenty of time to complete the 5-10 minute application for the many scholarship opportunities.

Continue to dream big and do your best with all your assignments everyone! The end of the semester is closer than we think!

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