But Let Me Tell You What I Did this Weekend

I was given the opportunity to also become a student ambassador here on campus. This past sunday, the 22nd, I went to an event that was held at Watkins Mill High School, here in the county. It was an information session on going to college and processes students need to do to get their higher education. The lady who ran this event was a lady who has always worked with the latino community in MCPS. She has impacted the lives of so many, and continues to do so. I went representing USG, trying to recruit prospective students. These student were still in high school or graduating soon, so they aren’t necessarily knocking on our doors, but they sure seemed interested. 

I saw many parents there or older siblings. So clearly people want to see those students succeed. Growing up, my parents missed a lot of school meeting because of things like work or them not feeling comfortable enough. MCPS and the county in general, has grow into a melting pot of different cultures and languages, that it is now easier to get information in Spanish. However, growing up, it was really hard to find information in Spanish. So I was very happy to see that the organizer of this event was offering the same information in both English and Spanish. Clearly those aren’t the only languages spoken, but for the people who showed up, it was the best way to go about it. 

I wanted to share this experience, not only because student ambassadors opens doors for new experiences, but because if you have a younger sibling or are a parent to a highschool student or know a student who could be struggling with this process, offer them a hand. USG is so happy to provide information on any program, but we sadly cannot reach every student who is confused or lost. I always suggest the MCPS- MC-USG pathway because I lived it, and I have had my fair share of people helping me through it! Boyfriends and siblings and staff at all those schools, they have all been there when I email them. So I think we should all at least be welcoming and encouraging enough to offer a helping hand to the students who need it. 
Thank you for reading! Also if any prospective student is reading this, make sure you sign up and come to the USG Undergraduate Open House to learn information about our beloved campus and a ton of other things! All the information is on the USG homepage, which is probably where you went to first before clicking on my blog! 
Enjoy your days everyone! 

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