USG Campus Study Lounge

Vibes are important when you stay in a place for extended hours of time. They can effect the way you study and keep you going when you are ready to quit. Some study areas are bright and inviting while mainstream ones can be busy, loud and bleak. The same can apply to the friends you make. If students want a change of scenery from studying at the library, the student lounge on the second floor of building 2 is accommodating and visually pleasing. A little splash of color can go a long way in making an area stand out.


The study area has a view of the campus courtyard and a television on the wall to connect laptops for PowerPoint presentations and group study work. I use the television’s in the library and in building 2 to to go over class material. It helps to try and explain concepts to your fellow classmates to really nail down an idea. The room is spacious and feels exclusive because most people prefer to use the library for the resources that are offered there. The lounge also includes vending machines that come in handy when the cafeteria is closed. If you need to heat up food from home, there is a microwave and a sink to prepare meals and clean up afterwards.


The study area would not be complete without couches and tables with plenty of stools and space to accommodate students. The student lounge does not have as many resources as the library in building 3 but if you quickly need to print something for a class, there are multiple computers with a nearby printer in the lounge that anyone can use. The printer cards only take cash which does not make it any better than the printing options in the library but it’s a good resource if you don’t have the time to come to building III.

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