Food & Leadership

As a student leader on the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus, you are busy keeping up with everything that is going on around you and making sure your own knowledge goals are on track. You strive to improve in all areas of leadership and in everything that you do, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

That is why it is essential to take a few hours for yourself to recharge and enhance your leadership skills, and the Fall 2017 Leadership Bistro was a great place to do this. For the event students from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program worked with a professional chef to prepare their team for success. It was an opportunity to demonstrate leadership, problem-solving and communication skills while working towards a common goal: Dinner!

It was a unique event that allowed us to get a taste of the culinary talents of students and instructors from the program. I attended this event on Wednesday 11th October after receiving the invitation shown below and wanted to share a few takeaways that I got with the hope that you would consider attending the next one.Leadership Bistro Invite v4

Here are a few resources the Leadership Bistro provided:


USG offers numerous opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.  Throughout the year there are many events such as the annual leadership bistro. However, this event featured a complimentary three-course meal. As a broke college student, a three-course dinner is not something I am treated to often so even if I had to move mountains to attend, I knew this event was a must! See below a few images of the event. Fun fact: each meal was prepared with locally grown ingredients! And let’s not forget that the pasta was handmade right in the Marriott kitchen on the USG campus!


The Leadership Bistro was one place that brought together student leaders from across the USG campus. There were student leaders from almost every one of the nine University System of Maryland institutions that offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the campus. While at the bistro I was able to finally take some time to be social and meet with others who are passionate about student life. The connections I was able to make at the bistro have already been rewarding, and together we are working to create a better future for our fellow students.

     The service at the event was top notch, and I could not have been happier that I attended. Kudos to the team in the Office of Student Services and the students and professors of the UMES program that worked tirelessly to pull off such a fantastic event. While most of the attendees were busy enjoying the delicious meals, we may have forgotten to express our gratitude so I would like to also take this opportunity to commend you on a successful event and thank you for providing this amazing opportunity for students.



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