Education, Work Experience, and Community all at USG – Learn about Graduate School on 10/5!

I’ve asked friends and strangers alike their opinions on being a student at USG. Every single person I have asked has proclaimed their love and appreciation for USG. I was familiar with the campus, but was not a student until I entered graduate school in the fall of 2016 as part of the Smith Part-time MBA program…and I couldn’t be happier.

Finding a reputable graduate program that could accelerate my career, allow me to stay close to home (save money), and also foster a balance between academics and working full time were all important to me. USG allowed me to check off all of those boxes and feel comfortable entering a graduate program.

USG is hosting a Graduate Open House on October 5th. At this event, you can learn how USG works, meet with representatives from your graduate program of interest, and get to know the beautiful USG campus and its facilities.

The event is conveniently at 6pm, so you can attend after work or picking up your kids from soccer practice. It is little details like the timing of this event that shows USG understands you are a working professional, looking to balance a personal life and a bright professional career.

Please know you can leave a comment below to discuss any questions you might have as a grad student. We’re all in this together! Happy Monday!


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