My First Chapter at USG

This year has been a year of many “news.” From my being a new student UMCP at USG  studying Physiology and Neurology, to my becoming a Student Ambassador and Student Blogger! I look back at how far I’ve come and can’t wait to go even further. I struggled with what to write for my first blog but I decided to keep it as a sort of introduction. A little about me so that we can all get along.

Like many of the students here, I am a first generation college student, meaning I’m the first to receive a higher education in my family. Speaking of my family, they consist of myself, my brother, my sister, my parents, and my guinea pigs. My parents are immigrants from El Salvador who moved here to seek out better opportunities and an escape from the violence and poverty plaguing El Salvador. Not taking their sacrifices for granted, I decided to achieve my full potential.

My path to USG has been long and arduous. I attended Springbrook High School and when on to attend Montgomery College, graduating with an A.S. in Life Sciences. Since sophomore year in high school I knew that I wanted to become a doctor, and after some research that dream became specific and I knew that I wanted to become a family physician.

In order to prepare myself for medical school and the field of medicine I exposed myself to as many experiences that would help me grow as possible. I started volunteering as the local volunteer fire department near me. I work as a medical scribe taking notes for physicians and gaining new insights of the world of healthcare. The more I have gotten out of my comfort zone, the more confident I have grown.

My blog, I hope, will serve as a guide for those that are currently at USG enrolled in a program here. My blog may even become something that brings people to USG. I want to talk about what USG has to offer, from the small class sizes to wide range of resources. I want to give my perspective of why USG is the place to be.

Glad to have you follow me along my journey!!

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