First Impressions

I’d like to make this blog an introduction piece. Specifically, my first impression of USG. You can read more about me in my bio but for now let’s rewind back to the first day of school.

I transferred from Montgomery College and the first day there compared to the first day here was completely different. At Montgomery College, it felt like all you did was look for your class, maybe ask for help, and once your last class was over you went straight to your car.


On the other hand, USG was refreshing. Everything was so new from the parking garage to walking on a board walk to the campus itself. I mean seriously who else got a sticker at the end of the boardwalk congratulating them for walking .29 miles from their car? Or who picked up a cookie, granola bar, or even some coffee? You were greeted by small gifts and smiling faces so it was hard not to smile back.

Whether you are a returning student or a newly transferred one, I think it’s safe to say that first day set a tone. The way I perceived it was a welcoming tone. A welcome to the campus, a welcome to the services provided, but most importantly a welcome to a community. It was then understood that although the majority of people that attend USG don’t ever really go to their home campuses, they do belong to a campus. One of my initial concerns before coming here was that I’d feel out of place. That I wouldn’t feel like a “Terp”. The fact of the matter is that we get the best of both worlds. We belong to our respective schools while also being a member of the Universities of Shady Grove.

My first step to contributing to this community was becoming a blogger! If you haven’t made a step yet, what’s yours? If you have, what will you do to continue to play a part?



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4 Responses to First Impressions

  1. Rachel Wolohan says:

    I’m so glad that you felt welcomed to the USG campus! Excited to read more of your posts and adventures on campus.

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