Simple Ingredients for Presentation Success

Two opposing points of view exists:

  1. Charisma is an innate characteristic people are born with
  2. Charisma can be learned through charismatic leadership tactics (CLTs)

Some people believe in one or the other…I say that point of view 1 and 2 are both possible, and even people who are number oners can implement CLTs to master the art of inspirational discourse. We all gawk at inspirational leaders who express themselves with that perfect amount of savoir faire: Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs…the list goes on.

Neither you or I have the influence and power that these highly successful individuals possess, but I’d like to tell you that CLTs are gems useable in your everyday life. Presenting a topic in class, disciplining your children, leading an initiative at work, or advocating for a cause near to your heart – all of these are relevant examples that could use a little CLT.

  • Tell a story – use a story (real or made up) to bring your words to life. People will appreciate compelling characters/stories that are relatable, creative, and memorable.
  • The power of 3 – Our listeners are only human, so expecting them to remember more than 3 vital values, stories, lessons is unrealistic.
  • Rhetorical questions – engage the audience with compelling rhetorical questions.
  • Use your body – facial expressions, hand gestures, and volume/tone all impact the way your message is delivered.

Like and bookmark this post so you can look back on it the next time you need to deliver a charismatic presentation or discussion!

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