The End is Near

Happy Monday everyone!

It is August, which means classes start in just a few weeks! Yikes, how did summer go so fast? I feel as though summer flew by because I was busy all the time. Were you guys busy during the summer? What kind of adventures did you have? Whatever the case, I am sure you all listened to my advice from the beginning of the summer and kept yourselves busy. I am happy to say I followed my own advice.

With classes quickly approaching, we may feel this anxiety or dread of getting back to a fixed schedule, consisting of classes, homework, and tests. We cannot control the fact that summer is ending, but we can control the way we react.  Instead of thinking about all the negative things that happen during the semester, let’s focus on the good things. For example, USG has events for students to chill out. Events like Welcome Week and USG Fest are events to look forward to.

When it comes to classes, a perfect mind is a sound mind. I can tell you, it is tough to readjust to classes, so I want to share ways to better prepare yourself for a successful semester.

Preparing for classes:

1 – Getting your textbooks

Although not all classes require textbooks, it is good to find out whether your classes require them. If any of your classes require textbooks, it is best to get them ahead of class. This is especially important if you are ordering books online, as they take a few business days to arrive.

2 – Make sure you’re prepared to take notes 

This tip depends on the type of student you are. If you are the type of student who likes to take notes by hand, make sure you are equipped with notebooks. If you prefer using your laptop to take notes, make sure it’s fully charged, or bring your charger with you.

3 – If you need to write, bring pens and pencils

Chances are you will need to write from time to time in class. Having plenty of pens and pencils to write with is a great tip to follow.

4 – Use a planner and/or binder

Having a planner for the current year is a great way to visualize your schedule, whether it is by day, week or month. Knowing your schedule and having it visually accessible will help you keep track of classes, doctors’ appointments, or other life events that may occur during the semester.

Using a binder is a great way to keep your class work (such as essays or papers) separate so they don’t get mixed up. Alternatively, you can use separate folders.

USG Resources

If you are having trouble creating a weekly schedule or getting organized, you can make an appointment with the Center for Academic Services (CAS) for assistance.

If you need to get any materials, in addition to the materials I mentioned above, you can check the bookstore, located in Building 3.


As you prepare for classes, reflect on this past summer, and the wonderful memories you created. They can help you think positively about the challenges to come. May you all have a successful semester and a great school year!


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