Being an Orientation Leader


Happy Tuesday everyone!

I want to apologize for the delay on my blogs, especially to those who read them!

I want to start off by talking about the importance of New Student Orientation and finish off with sharing my experience as an Orientation Leader.

Orientation Day

It may not be required to attend an orientation day, but it proves useful in acclimating to life at USG. Each student is assigned to a group, which is assigned a color (red, yellow, blue, etc.) The groups are divided up based on programs. If you are in the Biological Sciences program at UMCP, you will be grouped with other students in that program. Each groups’ agenda varies in the schedule, but the groups all get the same experience throughout the day.

The students will start their day with introductions by Andrea Milo, the Director of the Office of Student Services. Andrea explains the way USG works with its partnered institutions. This is great for clearing up any confusions you may have about USG and how everything operates.

As the introductions conclude, the groups follow their designated Orientation Leader, who offer insights into USG and their experiences as a student here.

The rest of the day consists of workshops presented by the different program directors, Center for Academic Success (CAS) and the Career & Internship Services Center (CISC). There is also a campus tour, guided by student ambassadors. Students also have the chance to claim their Student IDs, instead of waiting until classes start.

Being an Orientation Leader

As I mentioned above, each group is guided by an Orientation Leader. I have recently become an Orientation Leader myself, so I have the privilege of meeting new students, and acting as a mentor. It is really important to make a good first impression, especially since Orientation Leaders are the first people that students meet. Orientation Leaders get the opportunity to engage the students and get them pumped for starting their journey at USG.

My past experience as an Orientation Leader has been a positive one. I got to meet new students, and I offered to help students should they need help during the semester. For the upcoming orientations, I aim to reassure students, and offer them support if they should ever need it.

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