Losers, We Were!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog called “Let’s all be Losers” to talk about my struggles with weight loss and my recent diagnoses of diabetes and hypertension. I really wanted to transition to a healthier living so I’ve decided to participate in USG’s Biggest Loser Challenge, a 10-weeks weight loss contest hosted by the USG Campus Rec Center.

It really helped me. For the most part, I was more physically active each week. I also started being more conscious of the type of food and the portions I was consuming. I somehow internally feel better. I was no longer panting climbing up 3 flights of stairs. I felt sluggish when I wasn’t moving so it motivated me to move even more as well.

However, the last two weeks of the challenge has been very difficult for me. While I had lost over 20lbs and 5% of fat during the challenge, I had gain half of it back due to my stress-eating in that two weeks. I think my lack of sleep and physical activities contributed to that too. Even though I wasn’t on track with my diet plan anymore, I still tried to think of my food choices to an extent.

Our last weigh-in date was April 26, and that was when the USG Campus Rec Center announced the Biggest Losers.

… and guess what?!?!?  I won!

Christine & Gary - Biggest Losers

USG Biggest Loser Contest Winners: Christine & Gary

There was one female winner (me) and one male winner (Gary). USG awarded our efforts with a very nice Fitbit!

Even though I was in a slump and gained some weight back, it felt really nice to know that my 8 weeks worth of efforts weren’t in vain.

This is why I have become more encouraged and even more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. This can’t be rushed, and it can be easily reversed. This is why it’s very important to lose weight slow and steadily. Baby steps.

Losers, we were!

And losers, we will continue to be!

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Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Wonder (2017-2019)
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