Student Council Elections

USG Student Council

The USG Student Council represents the students here at USG. They are in charge of ensuring the students have a thriving campus culture. The council also hosts monthly town halls, to listen to students’ feedback about different services offered Ion campus. In addition, the council weighs in on major decisions concerning USG’s future, including tuition costs.


Election Week

From April 18th until April 25th, the voting ballot will be open. Students can vote for different candidates. Only students attending the same institution as the candidate can vote for that candidate. Meaning, if you are a UMCP student, you cannot vote for a UMES candidate.


By clicking here, you can vote for your favorite candidates. The student candidates campaigned by giving out goodies,  posting around flyers or talking with other students. As a candidate for UB, you might see some flyers with my picture.



Make sure you vote. In a sense, voting in the elections makes your voice heard. By voting you are not only determining the future of the student council, but also the future of USG.

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