To Blog is Not Just to Write

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As a continuation of my reflective posts as graduation nears, and my desire to inspire others to write, I thought it would be appropriate to have another post about writing. I cannot believe that I have been blogging for the Around the Grove blog for two years now. It seems like yesterday that I was trying to figure out what I wanted my first ever blog post to be.

Something I have realized over these past two years about blogging is this. Blogging is so much more than sitting down and cranking out a post. Blogging has allowed me to change my perspective on how I view the world, including even the most mundane interactions.

To blog is not just to write. To blog is to seek. In order to craft a blog post, sometimes you need to take the preliminary steps of pursuing new information and observing everyday interactions.

Although us bloggers publish a post every other week, for me personally, it feels as if my mind is always in blogging mode. Being a blogger has made me more perceptive about my surroundings because everything can be turned into a post.

An intriguing word
A thought-provoking phrase
A random conversation
A fun USG event!

To blog is not just to write. To blog is to interpret. You have to analyze all of the details, gain an understanding, and craft out your perspective on paper.

To blog is not just to write. To blog is to learn. Blogging has required me to do extra research online and learn things I never would have otherwise. Blogging has allowed me to challenge myself and learn through the exploration of writing beyond my comfort zone.

To blog is not just to write.
To blog is to make meaningful relationships, both with others and your own self.

I would love to read your thoughts – so feel free to comment!
And I would love to see you become a USG Blogger if you aren’t one already. 🙂
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