Happy Thursday! In just four weeks from today, on Thursday 11th May, the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) will be hosting an undergrad graduation celebration. While I know this may seem like a good amount of time from now, the excitement about the 2f70abff7db68a565200c45ad643dc312c6f8562b473f1a49877b25dbf39c004graduation celebration on the USG campus is taking over!

Students fortunate enough to be graduating in just a few days are extremely excited that they will have not one, but two graduation celebrations. That’s right, two celebrations! How is this possible you ask? Let me explain.




USG will be hosting a graduation celebration while each institution will be hosting their own graduation commencement ceremonies. For example, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s commencement ceremony is slated for May 27th while the USG undergrad celebration will be held on May 11th. So for those that consider graduation to be one of the biggest days of their life, they will get to experience it twice!! 

So why have two celebrations? My immediate answer is why not! But having never attended a USG undergrad graduation celebration, I found myself unable to justify attending as opposed to just staying in bed and catching up on reality shows. I did some recon by asking fellow students, professors, and staff that have attended a USG undergrad graduation celebration and gathered clarity. Let me explain.

The USG celebration is more like a party than a ceremony. A big crowd gathers in the decorated multipurpose room in building number two which creates an atmosphere that has everyone feeling fancy. Music plays loudly, delicious foods and beverages are served, and everyone and their grandmother is present taking photos, exchanging hugs and well wishes. A few tears are shed as graduates realize that they have achieved this significant milestone. It is a bittersweet moment for most, but overall it turns out to be the best night of their lives at the USG campus. Learn more about the event and RSVP heregraduation celebration thumbnail

Definitely does not sound like something I would want to miss if I was graduating! If you were in a slump and not feeling the excitement of graduation, I hope this blog was able to give you at least an ounce of excitement. If you are still not feeling the excitement of graduation, I believe you can also take a guest. Word around town is that Gabe is such a hoot and I do know for a fact his calendar is clear that day…

Congratulations to all the undergrad graduating students from the 9 colleges on our 1 campus. Your presence will be truly missed. I encourage you to take the remaining days to enjoy undergrad life.

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