Your USG’s life depends on it.

Hello folks, it’s Friday! Where is the party at? I remember asking myself this question in high school. It’s only at USG that I understand a different use for this terminology.

This year the party is at the Student Council realm. Indeed the Student Council started their elections to nominate their next representatives and started having fun.20170407_152040

The Student Council is a collection of students representing their institutions as well as their program on campus. Above all, they represent the student body and are the eyes and voices for the students at school.

Being part of a program such as this means being a leader and being a leader means drafting or influencing, key policies that affect everyday life on campus. Moreover, if you ask me what type of influence, I can tell you, the list goes on and on. The Student Council was present when the transportation committee started the paid parking. They came up with systems of payment that allowed students to pay their parking ticket in different payment plans. They also initiated and enforced the creation of a bridge that connects directly from the campus to the Shady Grove garage and Lot 1. They have town hall meetings for students to explain and speak all their concerns that affect not just students but also faculty, program directors, and even our own cafeteria. Is this not a lot of fun to add to your experience’s luggage? Trust me it sound all fancy but it is really more fun and will prepare you for you for your career. Anyone attending USG can apply at: 

Being part of the Student Council is not just about policies, and how to make students happy. It is also about meeting amazing people, interacting with people’s goals, careers, dream, and aspirations. It helps you elevate yourself and teaches you ways to better yourself not just as a student but as a human being. Trust me it is contaminating to see all these leaders at work. You just want to be like them or even more.

The Council is about friendship in achieving substantial changes not just for the school, but also for the students as well as yourself. I am part of the Student Council and the experience I have receive is such that words would not make it justice. I grew from this experience; I can assure you that I am presently not the same person as before I enter the council.

If you are a prospective student or a new student enrolling this year and would like to meet friends, either be active at school, or create platform to be heard them put your thoughts to work and experience, no time to theorized anymore.

Well I can stay here and rant about it but I do not want you to take my word for it, see it for yourself. Become a candidate as I once did and live to tell the tale. Become a “Hidden figure” of USG.

If you are a candidate, good luck, if you are not vote. Your USG life depends on it.


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