By the Students, for the Students

It has been couple of days, we have been on spring break yet I do not feel on break. While others are enjoying their break, I have been taking some of my friend’s shifts. For instance, yesterday I had twelve hours shifts and was extremely tired, just to come next morning at 7:45.

What sounded like a harsh day actually allowed me to make bounds with the population that was coming in the library since we were both unfortunate friends. I can actually tell you on top of my head what population are coming in the library as well their major, the time they will come and leave.

So far, at the Priddy library, nursing student had taken control of the attendance. They were always there not missing a day, 24/7 and until closing. These names, Eric Funte, Vince Cascioli and others were the champion of attendance during spring break for the nursing school. Followed by Business management, with people like Hai-Son Dang and Kevin Anani. It was as if they were competing against each other to the throne of Priddy library. These remarks are what I have come up with while under a 12-hour shift, as these are just my personal survey, there a more meaningful survey going on campus that is actually affecting 1/3 of the population at USG.

Indeed, during this break, the student council and its representative met and discussed about future projects and ways to make the school for the student and by the students. Among the multiple subjects that was on the agenda, one picked my curiosity: Discount tickets on bus pass.

For years, the student council have been fighting to help student taking public transportation. They have been through vicissitudes to be able to finally come up with an idea that both suits the student council and the administration. However, this idea includes the participation of the students. It is up to the students to now voice their choice and show interest in the program.

In order to do that, they have set up survey in the library and the student services so students can express their voice by filling the survey. This survey is the only means to know approximately the interest of student in that domain and would allow the students and administration to back up their claim (student need discount tickets on bus) with actual data. Therefore, it is important that all student attending as well prospective student access the survey. This of course is a pilot program and only covers the month of April. Then from there, we would see how of a success the program is and arrange ourselves for the months coming up.

You wanted your voice to be heard, then help us by filing the survey by just clicking on this link:

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