Grammar Day

Hi everyone,

The semester may seem long and tedious. You might be busy writing papers, doing homework. For those who are managing well – good job! If you may be struggling, don’t forget – SAS is here to help!


As part of the Center for Academic Success’s (CAS) mission to help students succeed academically, they held an event by the Ping Pong room on 3/7/17. Grammar Day was an event to inform students about grammar mistakes that are common . There were several games and a few workshops. Hopefully students left the event with a better understanding of English grammar.

When students checked in, then were given a punch card. They got to play 3 different games. Playing games and attending a workshop earned students punches on their cards. By getting four punches, the student was entered into a special raffle.

Students may not be aware of some common mistakes made when writing. The games were designed to help students understand the common mistakes and how to correct them. When I attended the event, I learned some mistakes that I make when writing. Until Grammar Day, I hadn’t thought of them as mistakes.

If you had attended the event and tried some of the games, you may have learned a thing or two. Hopefully you won’t need to schedule an appointment to catch a mistake that you can catch on your own.

Remember CAS’s motto – “Study Smarter, Not Harder”



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