Look Around


With technology at our fingertips it’s easy to become distracted and/or distant. Walking around campus with our headphones on, we close ourselves off to meeting new people and engaging with the world around us. I am the first to say that I am guilty of doing exactly that, sometimes I just want to focus on my destination and I feel the need to close myself off to others. Other times I just don’t want to be bothered and put my earphones in even if I’m not listening to anything.

This semester I made a commitment to become more involved with school activities and organizations. At the beginning of the semester I had no clue how I was going to accomplish my goals and it truly seemed impossible. That is until I received an email from the Gilman Advisors to be part of a panel for study abroad and I quickly jumped at that opportunity. After that I made it a priority to open and read all my school emails (I know we get a ton but its worth it) and to slow down while I walked across campus.

The campus walls and even sidewalks are filled with valuable information. Everything from financial aid to campus forums, donation and volunteer opportunities to dance classes. You never know what opportunities are available till you look around. I know we tend to become very focused on the end game (finishing a paper, studying for an exam) but there is a lot to take advantage of while we are here. You might even have the opportunity to give life or help a future student realize their goals.

Here are two great opportunities for you to become involved with school activities!


unnamed (2)

Remember to acknowledge the women who have impacted your life today. Happy International Women’s Day!

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