Put Your Manners to the Test

It’s Fat Tuesday! When you hear those words you might start to imagine people eating king cake or really any food for that matter. Fat Tuesday has me picturing someone licking their fingers after eating ribs or cheetos, or letting out a sigh of satisfaction as a result of drinking something refreshing.

This might be a cool way to celebrate on this day of indulgence, but I am 100% sure you’d likely not do this in front of colleagues at a business related dinner.

USG is co-hosting a Spring Etiquette Dinner on Wednesday, March 8th from 5pm-8pm. This dinner will feature a guest speaker who will teach students how to speak professionally and behave during a dinner meeting. Is this a fake dinner? No! It’s the real deal. You’ll be eating food prepared by UMES students in the hospitality and tourism management program.

Free dinner? Important life lessons? Local event? I’m in…but wait…there’s a waiting list?!

Despite this news – you should RSVP https://goo.gl/forms/2J2eJ9cBFKjmTib92 and even email Jessica Johnson at jjohns18@umd.edu about your interest. Your voice should be heard, and perhaps this could lead to more similar events in the future.

If anything, today is a good reminder to 1) treat yourself and 2) get those manners straight at the dinner table!




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