“International Night”Through my Eyes.

I am pretty sure you guys read about Joel past post about International Night and now are familiar with the term, goals, and conceptions this celebration brings withing the school and the community. So, here is a little memoir of it through the eye of one of the collaborators. I must say this account would be filled with personal opinion and ways to look at the event.

So, I was at International Night 2017 as part of the organizing crew with the SEB and representing the International Club and the African Club. I was part of the fashion show, and was performing with my clubs.

I got there early, around five o’clock, to set up my table and make sure the people that signed up for the fashion show and the table that I requested were in and all set to go. My friends brought in some food that was displayed on our table. He brought “jollof rice” and meat. As a true African there is no party or event without real “Jollof rice”. For those who does not know, “Jollof rice” is one of the most common dishes in Western Africa, consumed throughout the region. It is in the top five foods well known in the country and appreciated by everyone. Matter of fact, it was all gone in twenty minutes, I barely had time to turn back and see what happened. On my table, there was also Jewelries from Togo handcrafted with beautiful motif and symbols.

Around 6 o’clock, students and friends started poring in and were visiting the tables each country represented. There El Salvadore, Rwada, Brazil, China, Liberia, Ethiopia, Peru, and more. Shortly after, people started taking their seats and I was rallying members of my group to see if everyone was there and if we were ready to start. I looked around and Tiffany, the president of the SEB, was doing the same as she was talking to Dewan, marketing major and our DJ for the night.

Around 6:45PM Tiffany got my attention and we were heading to the stage to announce that we were starting the event. We started with the “Lion Dance” which was a tremendous success and kept the audience’s attention. Then came the fashion show with people representing different countries. I, for myself, represent Togo, Rwada.


After the fashion, there was trivia question then a little break were students and parents were able to fully enjoy the countries represented and also try their food or garnishments they filled their table with. The music was rolling, DJ Walter did an amazing job. Everyone was discovering new cultures and enjoying their time. I even caught Dr. Stewart Edelstine learning some African dance.

Professor and faculties were united under music, were having fun, discovering, and relaxing. After the break, we started the performances, there was dance routines, poem reading, and a drum show throughout the night.  The African dance performed by the African Club rallied a lot of heart and claps together, people were off their seats and dancing along. Kids, young parents, grandparents were dancing and learning to dance. Faith, President of Student Council, read an amazing poem full of emotions and passion. She also performed an African dance which was surprisingly well done. I will frame her determination and passion in my experience and will remember these moments for ever.


Friends were made and friendship renewed. I met a girl called Rachel, she stole the show yesterday as she represented Togo. She sung, danced, and read a poem. She was a new student yet really comfortable representing where she was from. Also, alumni that left already came back one more time exited to see us and renew promises and contacts.


The night was great and was crown by a little dance at the end were every one had the floor.Everyone was dancing and having fun all together. Friends, parents, and faculties were showing off their moves and dancing skills.

The whole night went smoothly there was not one complaint and everybody enjoyed their time. People that I have seen on campus that were shy came out to be social butterflies and were making new friends and asking to meet specific friends from certain countries.


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