International Night

Good morning!

Tonight, the Universities at Shady Grove is hosting a very special event, from 6pm to 9pm – International Night! This event only occurs once during the spring semester – you don’t want to miss out!25901495570_9a90b4cf96_k.jpg

What exactly is International Night about? As the name implies, it is a multi-cultural event. Cultures from many different countries will be represented in one room.

The event exposes attendees to different cultures, by watching cultural dances, listening to different music,  and eating food from around the world.

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When people first enter the event, they are greeted by many tables. Each table represents a country, with food and information on it. People standing by the table are dressed in the traditional clothing of that country.

In addition to the tables, there will be multiple cultural dances performed by students at USG.


Following the dances is a fashion show, displaying different fashion styles across the globe.There is even a talent show, starting at 8:15 pm. Students will sing, dance and show off other talents to the attendees.

International Night is a great event to attend, to learn about other countries or just to have fun!

As student blogger Gabedaniel states, International Night is a great way to break down barriers, and learn about other cultures, all while having fun doing so!

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