Go Study Abroad!!

Last semester I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad. I did a full semester in Brazil where I studied Public Health, Race, and Human Rights. This experience helped me grow as a person, student, and as a leader. 

While abroad I was able to have many exciting experiences from learning a new language and culture to visiting and sleeping in the Amazons. It wasn’t only about these exciting new adventures. 

I was also able to intern for an organization called Força Feminina (Women’s Force). During my time with this organization I learned about their approach and was able to do a community service project. 

Personally, I had many doubts about the possibility of me actually studying abroad. I had 2 major concerns: 

1) Financing: 

How was I going to pay for the semester? What about my bills here at home? 

2) Course acceptance 

Would the credits transfer?                                Would I be set back on my graduation date? 

We all have our doubts about taking a risk and while many of you might not want to do a full semester abroad like I did, there are many different ways to study abroad. 

The Universities at Shady Grove is hosting an information session on study abroad which I highly encourage everyone to visit!

Our very own blogger Christine Thinn is organizing the event! 

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