Cash Me Outside…

img_4475I have been staring at this page trying to think of a positive way to begin this blog. Usually, I don’t have any issues finding the silver lining, but as I am writing this all I can think of is that it is a new semester, there is a lot of uncertainty out there.

2016 made a lot of wonderful things happen so instead of allowing the uncertainty to make me feel frustrated or lost, the thoughts of all the great events and activities that I participated in at The Universities At Shady Grove has me looking forward with great optimism at Spring 2017.


I spent a couple of hours looking into what USG has in store for this semester, and it is my pleasure to journey into Spring 2017 with you. I invite you to “cash me outside” of the classroom, as there is plenty to be excited about.


I created my calendar of fun and networking activities to help me kick off what I hope to be a spectacular Spring 2017. Shown above is the month of February, in reviewing this please note that it does not reflect a full list of events at USG. This reveals just a handful of what the USG campus has in store for the semester.

Be sure to stop by the Student Council’s table during the Welcome week to support their USG Scholarship Fundraising drives, see flyer for more details. And of course, you can also cash me outside, in the Green Grove Café, at the upcoming Student Council’s Town Hall Meetings, see flyer for more details.



I am currently working on updating my calendar for March and could not be more excited. Be sure to sign up for the USG Weekly and pay attention to the various notice boards around the campus that are always filled with flyers and check the website here for events. 

As much as I wish school breaks were year round, the start of the semester brings a refreshing change of pace, so let’s make the best of it, how bout dah?

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